Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gateway Strategy: Smallworld (2-5+ players)

"It doesn't matter how many players or how old they are, Small World delivers a fun, fast-paced game every time and is a cornerstone of our collection."

Small World is a tile-based strategy game for 2-5 players ages 8 and up. Rules are simple, play is fast and it is as fun for two players as it is for five. When combined with the Small World: Underground stand-alone expansion and the Tunnels expansion (found in Small World: Realms) you can play with up to 6 players. Small World is also available on iPad (2-player only).

What is a Gateway Game?

Gateway games are ideal for introducing non-gamers to the hobby. Gateway games help retrain player's minds away from roll-the-dice-move-the-piece classics like Sorry and Monopoly and opens them to new possibilities. They're also perfect for introducing gaming to kids.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RPG: Who's Laughing Now?

Yet another example of why Paizo publishing is the best in the business is a fun little campaign book called Misfit Monsters Redeemed. At least, I thought it was a fun little book.

The aptly named flail snail.
It's as threatening as it sounds.
Misfit Monsters is a re-imagining of some of the weirdest, most inane critters from decades of Dungeons & Dragons. Ten classic creatures were pulled from the Fiend Folio, Monster Manual II, Monster Manual v3.0 and the fan-favorite module Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. They were then handed to Paizo writers with the challenge of making them awesome. I picked up MMR when I was converting Expedition to the Pathfinder d20 system and had been hoping for a stat update or a few interesting ideas to keep my old-school friends off-balance. Instead this "fun little book" wrote a chill down my spine.