Tuesday, September 27, 2016

City of Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting for PF and 5e

The immortal, unkillable tarrasque has devastated country after country, civilization after civilization. The creature's rampage has been stopped few times in recorded history, only to rise from its grave to haunt a new generation long after its previous destroyers are dead.

But no longer.
The tarrasque has once again been defeated, but instead of killing the apocalyptic kaiju, it has been mystically bound - never dying, constantly regenerating, to empower and corrupt the ecology, economy, alchemy, magic, politics, and citizens of the metropolis called Salt in Wounds.


The City of Salt in Wounds is one of the most original, dark, and creative settings I've ever read. Developed and expanded over the past year through JM Perkins' Patreon account, Salt in Wounds is now available to the wider world.

I can't recommend this setting highly enough, and at the $50 level you receive a treasure trove of goodies that include my own Alchemist for 5e. Alchemy plays a huge role in Salt in Wounds and I'm honored that JM has included one of my books in this Kickstarter.

Come catch a glimpse into the mind of JM Perkins, and the amazing creative team he's assembled.

You can check out Salt in Wounds in action on the Actual Play podcast, The GM's Showcase, and read tons of playtest material on www.saltinwoundssetting.com!

EDIT: As of the time of this posting, the Salt in Wounds setting is already 60% funded in just a few hours!