Saturday, December 14, 2013

Shaman's Handbook from Green Ronin

Hands-down one of my favorite offerings from Green Ronin (and that's saying something), The Shaman's Handbook is the best interpretation of the shaman class v3.* ever got. Others, including the recent Expanded Shaman, the Genius Guide to the Shaman, and the oracle/witch blend from the upcoming Advanced Class Guide, do a solid job of getting the feel of a shaman across, but Green Ronin's offering by Steve Kenson dove deeper into the world history, planar connections, and unique spells than any other supplement. The catch? It's been out of print for years. Paizo Publishing must have gotten hold of some copies, because for the first time in a decade, The Shaman's Handbook is available in print and it's only $2!

Two other Master Class books worthy of tracking down are The Psionicist Handbook and The Witch's Handbook. The Psionicist Handbook is a skill-based take on psionics perfect for d20 Modern and scifi games. Like The Shaman's Handbook, The Witch includes history and cultural flavor to expand on Pathfinder's own witch class.

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Shaman before they disappear. Again.


If you are excited about classes like these, keep an eye out next year for The Ultimate Witch and The Ultimate Shaman from Christina Stiles Presents and Rogue Genius Games.

And for more on Steve Kenson, click here.