Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pathfinder Campaign: Jade Regent Adventure Path

Jade Regent Book 1: The Brinewall Legacy
As I mentioned on my main-page post, I've recently signed on to freelance for a Pathfinder supplement on lycanthropes and am having a fantastic time with it. Going hand-in-hand with that, I and writer John Michael Perkins started a bi-monthly Pathfinder game several months ago. I'm excited to be back behind the DMs screen next week running one of my favorite of Paizo Publishing's award winning Adventure Paths--The Jade Regent.

Paizo started their Adventure Path experiment a little over six years ago with the incredibly popular Rise of the Runelords (recently re-released in a prestige hardcover). Adventure paths are unique in the gaming industry for several reasons. Each AP gives you an entire campaign, taking characters from 1st level up to, and sometimes past, 15th. Though there have been campaign-like adventures in the past--I'm speaking of the brilliant Red Hand of Doom*--Paizo's APs are made up of six high quality, full color books, released one a month, every month, year round. Each book includes stunning artwork, new monsters, new campaign-specific rules systems to get your players invested in the action, free Player's Guides that include advice for players to create characters that blend with the campaign's themes without spoilers, as well as optional material like interactive PDF maps (free if you purchase the PDF copies of the AP), miniatures, item cards and other products to make your game a fully supported experience. I've never seen such high quality, consistently produced products as Paizo puts out and their Adventure Paths are no exception.

In order to organize our game, keep a journal of adventures, post photos and find an appropriate place for RPG-specific gaming advice, I started a new blog you are welcome to check out:

I'll still be posting game reviews, including the occasional RPG supplement, here on my Game Reviews blog, but most of my RPG related posts will move over to the new blog.

* = Interested in running Red Hand of Doom? You should be. Check out my photo-blog of our campaign and this killer guide by Order of the Stick artist, Rich Burlew, to help you set up your session.

(Also, read Order of the Stick. Unless you have something really important to get done because this thing will take over your life. Then do it anyway.)

Art from Rise of the Runelords, Paizo's first Adventure Path


  1. I've been playing role playing games for nearly 20 years. Despite that I am a horrible GM. I got very frustrated because I wanted to do for the group what the group had done for me. Thanks to the people at paizo and their adventure paths I'm running my first successful campaign.

    1. That is great to hear and I'm not surprised. These things are stunning.