Wednesday, January 14, 2015

5th Edition Aquatic Builds: Cacaelia

Art by riviel

The history of the cecaelias as a race is all but unknown to scholars of the surface world. Though some surface dwellers believe they are a subrace of merfolk, this race of cephaloids, and indeed the merfolk, would take great offense at the comparison. Most merfolk scholars attribute the race's origins to the Age of Aboleth, paralleling the race's creation to that of the tieflings of the surface world. The subrace of Deep cecaelia embrace the comparison, while the more social and civilized cecaelia found in tropical regions claim no such association.

Cecaelia are not nearly as wide-spread as the ubiquitous merfolk and rarely have direct contact with air-breathing cultures. Cecaelia live in small, nomadic family groups, living with their families until they reach maturity around age 10, at which time they may leave the family group and strike out on their own. Cecaelia settlements average a few dozen members, with any larger than a few hundred being extremely rare. Individual members are often found within the settlements of other sentient aquatic races, such as merfolk, sahaugin, and koa-toa.

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  1. I just realized that deep cecelias are large size.Do you think that that's balanced?

  2. That's a fair question. With the hydrostatic skeleton, their size becomes less of a disadvantage, granting them the advantage of large weapons, though the weapons must also fit in the space they are fighting in. I might change them to medium after more playtest.